1828. Amazing colors at sunrise and sunset: artificially produced by the aliens

Figure 1 below shows screenshots from a video of the sunrise over Suco, Maine, on April 11th 2020. The sky is very red. But this is not all, the ocean water is very red as well and even the sand on the beach is red suggesting that there is no other color for the sand to reflect, other than what is coming from the sky, or the clouds. And since clouds emit whatever light they are absorbing, in excess of their energy level in the other basic colors of light, the basic 3 being red, blue and green, red light emitting clouds would indicate that mainly red light energy is flowing through the earth’s atmosphere, from the earth’s core system.

Figure 1. Left: Image showing a sunrise where the clouds are mainly red with some yellow and the background sky is yellow. Since yellow is a combination of red and green, the main missing color here is blue. The ocean does have a slight bluish tone which then would come from it emitting light like the cloud as both materials tend to be energy depleted (Source: Video by Conspiracy realist Mom, 24 June 2020,  April 11, 2020 SUNRISE With AMAZING COLORS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=11&v=37KBX5GI5QU). Right: Additive theory of light: the 3 primary or basic colors of light are red, blue and green.

Ocean water comes from Planet X ice, which is Planet X frozen ocean that is always as energy depleted as the planet it comes from and cloud is also as energy depleted as the Planet X core around whose surface it formed [Article 1827: Aliens used Planet X to form oceans on the earth and Article 1817: Planet X and cloud formation through matter creation].

Figure 2. In this screenshot from the same video, the sand is pink rather than white or beige as it should be even though sand is not reflective. The sand is this color because these are the only colors available for it to reflect and although there are some slight tones of blue in the image, there are less than would be expected again showing a deficiency in blue light within the atmosphere.

Since daylight in the earth’s atmosphere is obtained as a result of an artificial array of devices, which draw and accumulate energy from the earth’s core system, a red sky or red clouds indicates that this is the energy that the devices are drawing from the earth’s core system, which then flows through the atmosphere and causes it to emit mainly this color of light.

Figure 3. Sky over Ohio from a MrMBB333 video showing a pink and purple sky, due to the clouds in the sky emitting these colors of light, which indicates that these are the colors of light that are flowing through the atmosphere at this time due to this being the energy being drawn by the artificial system used to produce daylight in the earth’s atmosphere [Article 1826: Global device array to produce daylight on Earth: alien technology].

Figure 4. Artificial devices in the earth’s atmosphere: a part of the artificial system that produces daylight and simulates the sun in the earth’s atmosphere.

Figure 5. A large concave mirror inside the earth’s atmosphere (Source: YouTube Video by Sky Watchers, from 5 April 2019, entitled: THE MYSTERIOUS SKIES ARE SHOWING RIGHT HERE).

The mirror is clearly cloaked in cloud which suggests that most of the devices in the sky would be similarly cloaked and suggests that they produce sound waves of the right frequency for cloud to form around them as they do around airplanes approaching the speed of sound [Article 1813: Creating matter with sound waves].

In conclusion, dramatic colors in the sky at sunrise and sunset are produced artificially through the daylight and sun simulation system in operation in the earth’s atmosphere, which are operated by aliens. The system draws energy from the earth’s core system which upon flowing through the earth’s atmosphere produces daylight and the different colors seen at sunset and sunrise.


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