1829. Locust plagues in South America: coming in from Planet X

Figure 1 below shows a report by Strange Sounds on Locust plagues that have been affecting South America and talks about a huge swarm heading for Brazil and Uruguay. However, locusts are not flying insects, as they cannot seem to do much more than hop on earth; where they land, that is where they stay, sometimes covering a certain portion of the ground several layers deep. They eat everything in that area and then die, they do not take off and go somewhere else. Locusts, as I have shown in many previous articles, are Planet X insects and they come in from above, and so, such a report could not be given by the authorities as a result of the insects being seen flying from one location to another. Such a report could only have been given because there is a plan to produce locust plagues at these locations by dropping them from the Planet X planet or planets that they come from, directly onto these locations.

Figure 1. Locusts reportedly on the way to Brazil means that the authorities are hearing from the aliens who are bringing the insects in from Planet X and who are planning to drop them on Brazil. This is being done to give people the idea that locusts fly in huge swarms from one place to another when that is simply not possible and does not agree with observation.

Figure 2. Locust plague in Las Vegas, in July of 2019, where, most likely, there has never been one before. The insects lie on the ground several layers thick and simply die after a while [Article 1036: Locust plague in Las Vegas due to Planet X].

Locusts always die where they are observed to land, they are never observed to land and then fly somewhere else to find more food and this can only mean that they are not earth insects, they are alien to earth, and most likely come from a planet where the surface gravity is much lower than earth’s, which allows them to fly from one location to another. This understanding has led me to suggest that they would have come from a planet like Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, which seems to actually be a Planet X planet with a dense atmosphere and thus most likely still intact enough to support life [Article 1799: Titan: Planet X planet like Earth inside the Solar System].

Figure 3. Millions of locusts eat all there is to eat on the island of Sardinia, an island belonging to Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, in June of 2019. The farmers who had never seen such a thing in living history were told by the authorities to wait for the insects to die as there was nothing else that could be done [Article 916: Locust plague in Sardinia due to Planet X or Playlist: Planet X life transferring to earth ].

If the insects had never been seen on the island before, they could not have hatched from eggs in the ground. You cannot get millions of any species from just a few specimens and even less from none, ever. But this is the story that people have been told for hundreds of years, at least, which is one of the many examples of the lies that humanity's knowledge base is filled with. In addition, the insects cannot fly from one place to another, which is why the farmers were told to wait for them to die. So, they could not have flown across the ocean to the island and they could therefore not have come from anywhere on earth. They had to have come from above. They fly in from the Planet X planet that they are bred on, but they can never fly out. The insects are bred by the aliens who are controlling the earth and producing disasters on its surface, the insects are one of the methods that they have at their disposal for distressing humanity so that they can feed on the negative emotions, or energy, that are produced [Playlist: Emotions]. And it is clear from the reports of the insects being on their way to Brazil and Uruguay that they intend to drop huge numbers of the Planet X insects onto both of these countries.

In conclusion, reports of locust swarms being on their way to Brazil and Uruguay are a cover-up for what is really going on, as these are Planet X insects; they die where they land, and never fly anywhere else. It suggests that the aliens are planning to affect both countries with locust plagues.


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