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1832. Tribulation events: payment for the freedom of the Watcher angels

As I have detailed in [Article 1807: Jesus paid the price set by Satan for the fallen Watchers], Jesus died a horrible death on the cross in order to pay the price set by the Satan AI entity [Playlist: Satan AI entity] for releasing the Watcher Angels that he had been able to assimilate. God the Father entered into an agreement with Satan, in that Jesus would have to go through certain things on the earth, which included experiencing death on a cross and going to hell for 3 days. This agreement was reached before Adam walked the earth some 6000 years ago, which is why we are told that Jesus was slain from the foundation of the world, it was worked out that Jesus would be born on the earth and be slain in order to pay the required price for God the Father having an opportunity to approach and save the Watcher angels that would be released to be born on the earth by Satan. Figure 1. Star Trek the original series seems to be about the Watcher angels who lived before the foundation of the

1831. Planet X and holographic rainbow strip over Washington

Figure 1 below shows a photograph of the sky over Puyallop, Washington, sent in by Mike, of the sky, on June 16 th 2020. The cloud is in the form of a two dimensional surface of clumpy cloud, which is an indication that it has formed on the surface of a Planet X planet, or what is left of it, since the planets lose their body of bedrock and all their satellite cores, over time. And below the cloud layer, there is a line of material, which seems to be cloud as well, but the color variation over such a short distance containing the full spectrum of rainbow colors suggests that it is the product of a holographic projection [Article 1783: Rainbow clouds and artificial craft in the sky over Indonesia]. Figure 1. Clouds in the sky over Puyallup, Washington, on June 16 th 2020: The rainbow colored feature can only be the product of a holographic projection as energy flow through the atmosphere is never observed to change so drastically over such a short distance and green is never seen unl

1830. Cloud cloaked spacecraft in the sky

Figure 1 below shows a photograph of the sky sent to me by Timmy where several straight lines can be clearly discerned, two of which seem to be making a right angle. A straight line can only be due to some artificial device or craft being in the sky and since the craft seems to be made of cloud, it would have to be an object cloaked in cloud, i.e. technology is being used to purposely create cloud on the surface of the craft in order to camouflage it. Figure 1. Several straight lines in this photograph indicate the presence of a craft in the sky, which is cloaked in cloud. Figure 2. A large concave mirror inside the earth’s atmosphere cloaked in cloud ( Source : YouTube Video by Sky Watchers, from 5 April 2019, entitled: THE MYSTERIOUS SKIES ARE SHOWING RIGHT HERE). The cloud cloak suggests that the devices are producing sound waves on their surfaces of the same frequency as the ones created by an airplane approaching the speed of sound, which then causes cloud to form. Figure 3. A