1831. Planet X and holographic rainbow strip over Washington

Figure 1 below shows a photograph of the sky over Puyallop, Washington, sent in by Mike, of the sky, on June 16th 2020. The cloud is in the form of a two dimensional surface of clumpy cloud, which is an indication that it has formed on the surface of a Planet X planet, or what is left of it, since the planets lose their body of bedrock and all their satellite cores, over time. And below the cloud layer, there is a line of material, which seems to be cloud as well, but the color variation over such a short distance containing the full spectrum of rainbow colors suggests that it is the product of a holographic projection [Article 1783: Rainbow clouds and artificial craft in the sky over Indonesia].

Figure 1. Clouds in the sky over Puyallup, Washington, on June 16th 2020: The rainbow colored feature can only be the product of a holographic projection as energy flow through the atmosphere is never observed to change so drastically over such a short distance and green is never seen unless it is as a result of a holographic projection.

Figure 2. Fake clouds, the product of holographic projection technology as indicated by the presence of all the colors in the rainbow that cannot be produced through other methods, which although still artificial, i.e. through the drawing of energy from the earth’s core system, which then flows through the atmosphere and causes clouds to emit light, does not produce such intense variation nor is green ever seen [Article 1828: Amazing colors at sunrise and sunset: artificially produced by the aliens]. The clouds are used to hide the blocks of Planet X frozen ocean being moved toward the surface of the earth [Playlist: Planet X ice and water].

Figure 3. Planet X central cores in the sky covered in a layer of clumpy cloud. The cloud layer is clinging to a solid surface that bulges downwards. Cloud always varies in color so that two tones can be observed such as blue and white and blue and pink but never more than two colors. Grey is simply the result of less light emission from the surface or cloud and cannot be classified as a different color emitted by the cloud.  

In conclusion, a long strip of cloud observed over Puyallop, Washington, on June 16th 2020, in the colors of a rainbow, seems to be due to the use of holographic projection technology in earth’s atmosphere.


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